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Electrical Design Service

Our team of experienced electrical designers provides high-quality plans according to the latest standards and specifications.

On-X-Electrical offer high-quality electrical design services to Kent and the surrounding areas. The team has worked with multiple domestic and commercial clients, on buildings of various sizes to provide our customers with designs for installing the latest technologies.


Here at ON-X we fully understand the design and construction process. We listen to our client’s requirements in order to get it right at the design stage. We believe this leads to the completion of high-quality electrical installations.


Our Electrical Design packages allow us to fully analyse building designs to ensure they are most appropriate to the brief and building. We also have our own in-house CAD facilities (AutoCAD) as well as full printing facilities. This allows us to print A0 to A3 drawings in either mono or colour.

CAD Software

Computer Aided Design

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) means we can provide the initial electrical design process based on the customer’s requirements for their electrical installation. This phase allows all avenues to be discussed to satisfy the needs of the customer and to give recommendations to suit. This ensures that the project provides an energy efficient, safe, and comfortable environment for working. This is a fundamental stage to the project to prepare for installation to begin, allowing for a price to be estimated prior to works being carried out.

The benefits of using CAD design when providing our customers with a planned design before work commences:

  • Using CAD design allows us to work more efficiently and to provide our customers with a solution they are happy with.
  • CAD software means designs can be altered and tested against real-life variables to ensure the plans will work. Therefore, there is an increased likelihood that there will be fewer surprises during the installation of our electrical services.
  • Designs can be easily updated to ensure that the plan produces a more cohesive final product, and the clients are fully happy with the outcome.
  • Provides our customers with plans that are easily understood utilizing the visual aspect of CAD design.

Electrical Design Projects

Recent projects involving our design services

Maplesden Noakes

GCHA Offices

Electrical Design

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